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INFINIT Nutrition Partners with Element Racing Again in 2012
INFINIT Nutrition will return as the Official Sports Drink for the 2012 Element Racing series. With events ranging from beach runs to triathlons, Element offers racing for athletes of all levels and all interests.

Want to participate in the next Element race? The first race of the 2012 season is the Burlington Beach Run on June 23rd in Burlington, Ontario. Need fuel for the race? Check out our special Element race pack here.

Or you can use the discount code ELEMENT2012 throughout the season for 20% off your order.

Here is some more information from Element Racing about the Burlington Beach Run Race:

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new title and presenting sponsor for the Burlington Beach Run, which takes place June 23rd 2012 in Burlington Ontario. Mountain Equipment Coop Burlington has been an amazing supporter of Element Racing events right from their conception stage, along with Absolute Tent and Event Services. We welcome these sponsors aboard and thank them for their amazing support of our beach running event!

Our beach run format is simple. Set up a 100% run on the sand through the creation of a 1.25 km beach 'track'. This creates a nicely contained 'out and back' run style with incredible visibility. From the spectators' point of view, supporters can take in the entire run much like a track and field event. From the participants' perspective, it is possible to accurately gauge their placement in the field of racers.

As if running on the beach is not incentive enough, we have added more challenging sections. In one area of the course, participants will be required to run in the 'soft sand'; in another area runners will be required to run through sections of water along the shoreline.

For 2012 we have opened the following categories:2.5 km beach sprint, 5.0 km beach run, and a 10 km team relay (2.5 km per lap)

Additionally, we wanted to make this event accessible to everyone, so we priced it to reflect that. At $25 per entry for the 2.5km and 5.0km races, and $55 for a team up to 4 people, our goal is to get people out and enjoying this beach lifestyle event.

As an added incentive, MEC Burlington has provided $10 MEC gift cards for the first 50 participants to register. You can do so here.

For more information on the beach run, to see the beach track map, or just to browse what else Element Racing has cooking this summer, please go to:

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