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We will re-customize your product or we will refund your money. It’s that simple.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with every custom product we create. If in the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with your custom blended nutrition solution, we will consult with you and then re-customize it to your satisfaction. If you are still not happy, just return the unused product and we will refund your money.

It is our unconditional guarantee to you. If you would like to re-customize a product, simply Contact Us.


The INFINIT Commitment

At INFINIT Nutrition, our commitment is to develop products that help customers perform and feel better through all-natural, isotonic high powered custom-blended nutrition solutions. We dedicate ourselves to customized product development for athletes resulting in unparalleled performance and professional partnerships.

We provide unsurpassed customer service and product of the highest quality available anywhere.

We solve our customer’s unique nutritional needs through customized solutions that taste the way THEY want and help them perform better and achieve their personal goals.

We are dedicated to our community and making sure that we give back to those who have helped us to be who we are today.

We commit ourselves to our employees and shareholders to be the leaders in nutritional innovation and focused on our future.



INFINIT's custom-blended nutrition solutions are designed to match an athlete's unique nutritional profile through the complete customization of a sports drink. We carry a host of ingredients that have been shown to enhance endurance, muscle hydration, recovery and muscle performance.

Different people, different sports, different weights, different sweat rates; one nutrition solution is not the right answer. INFINIT allows you to customize the number of calories, the flavor level, number of electrolytes and so on, creating the right nutrition for you and your sport.

Until now, sports nutrition companies have allowed you to do this by offering lots of products for you to buy—they offer you a sports drink as the basic product, they then give you gels to add calories, and sports bars for when you start feeling hungry, or for when the drinks and gels become unpalatable. These companies also place the onus on you to consume their products in the right quantities while you’re training or racing. At INFINIT, we believe that we should do the juggling at the production stage, leaving you free to focus on your sport when training or racing. We create a drink with the right number of calories for you, with enough electrolytes for you. We add protein to stop hunger if you need it. We give you a flavor level that you enjoy and will still find palatable three or four hours into your race.

INFINIT was created by a group of guys that were multiple Ironman Kona finishers. We really do understand what athletes struggle with out there, and we make each and every order by hand, one at a time, to your spec.


Our Customers

First and foremost, we serve the individual athlete. Athletes are our primary focus. We offer a platform to make a product to fit your unique nutritional and personal needs. With INFINIT's Osmo-fit platform, with or without our help, you can choose the exact amounts of calories, salts, flavor and protein to suit your needs. We custom make each order by hand and ship to your door within 4 days, and provide a 100% guarantee.

We also serve coaches and allow them the opportunity to work with their athletes to come up with specific nutritional plans that fit their needs. Coaches love us because we add to their list another service - individual nutritional analysis - that they can provide to their customer. Without the right nutrition, athletes will not race well. If they do not race well, they will not be clients for long.

Lastly, we work with clubs and teams who want to give their members the best product available. We adjust the amount of electrolytes depending on climate, and the number of calories depending on the length of the race. Clubs have a vast range of members; some big, some small; some that go long and others that do sprint races. You may get a cheaper product from another company, but half the club will like it and the other half will not. Because INFINIT is a custom product, we can satisfy every member of the team while providing excellent club benefits and discounts. This is a huge benefit for racers and helps us to get the word out about our product. Having an athlete outperform on, and enjoy our product has proven to be some of the best advertising we could dream of.


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