So…’ve signed up to take on an endurance event?? Whether it be triathlon, a marathon or a charity cycling event, you’ve bitten the bullet and taken the plunge. YOU. ARE. IN. You’ve found a coach, signed up to a swim squad and even thrown a few dollars at a new bike. You are all over the latest blogs and websites, you’re following Pete Jacobs on Twitter and you’re checking the mailbox every other day eagerly awaiting the arrival of your ‘Cupcakes with Cal’ beanie. Bicycle Market is a veritable department store of all things cycling, you’ve invested in the brightest Budgy Smugglers you could find and you’ve set up your Instagram Account ready for a swim/bike/run selfie upload of epic proportions.

Then the training kicks in. You’re bleary eyed from the 4am starts, you are wearing through your Hokas like there’s no tomorrow and you’ve had your bike serviced 6 times in 3 months. You are doing some big miles. You are constantly tired. You are constantly grumpy and you are bordering on emotionally unstable. Your long runs and long rides are becoming a toll and weekends are no longer something to look forward to. The dreaded ‘bonk’ has tapped it’s long spindly finger on your shoulder, weighing you down like a lead balloon on more occasions than you would care to remember. Sound familiar?? Wondering why??

The majority of the time, one of the most important aspects of any athletes training, is the one factor that is either totally forgotten about or totally messed up. Too many times, athletes go into a race with little or no knowledge of how they are going to fuel their bodies during their race, let alone how they are going to help it recover afterward – from the inside out. They have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on all the ‘essentials’ to complete any endurance event, but they have forgotten to place any emphasis on the engine that is eventually going to haul them over the finish line – their body. defines nutrition as, ‘the act or process of nourishing or of being nourished’. You need to nourish your body people!! Whether it be with a banana, vegemite sandwich or everyone’s ‘go to race staple’ – the gel. Common sense would devise that whilst you are exerting energy, you need to replace it. Just like what goes up must come down…..what goes in, must come out. Simple really. And the easier it is to organise pre-race, to carry during the race and ultimately, to throw down the hatch, the less time you have to spend worrying about it.

That’s where liquid nutrition comes into play. Not just any liquid nutrition either. A nutrition mix that has been customised to you; your event and your physical characteristics. A powder blend that has all the calories you need to fuel your engine and all you have to do is mix it with water – 2 scoops, 1 bottle. You’ve got bottles on your bike – fill them with Infinit. You’ve got bottles in your run belt – fill them with Infinit. We even have open water swimmers who strap their Infinit to their bodies because it is THAT GOOD!!

Avoiding the bonk has never been easier. Post race or training session, it is imperative that you re-fuel in order to aid your body in recovery, to allow you to back up your training. Failing to re-fuel will leave you tired and lethargic and in some cases, unable to complete your next training session. It will definitely mean all your hard work has gone to waste. Try and get in some protein and some good carbohydrates to aid in muscle recovery 20 minutes after your session. This will help you feel revitalised and fresh for your next session.

At the end of the day, you’ve customised your ride – bought the latest wheels, upgraded the groupset and booked in for a bikefit. You’ve test run all the latest and greatest footwear and you’ve splashed out on pool toys, a wetsuit and a season pass to the local aquatic centre. But have you researched nutrition? Have you practiced in training what you are going to put into play on race day? Are you recovering properly? Food for thought.....