:NAPALM RUN - Grape - 6 serve pack

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:NAPALM RUN - Grape - 6 serve pack

NAPALM RUN is formulated to replace messy gels with four different carbohydrates for MAXIMUM absorption. This handy 6 serve pack is a great 'tester' pack, for those athletes new to the product and wanting to give it a try. It is also an ideal travel size for those far away races - small and light enough to pack into your suitcase!!
NAPALM RUN is a 100% pure crystalline powder that when mixed with equal parts water makes the perfect customised nutrition-solution that is easy on the old taste buds, even after hours and hours, while still being easy on the gut. NAPALM RUN is easy to use. Simply fill any gel-flask, Fuel Belt™ or other container right to the top with NAPALM RUN and then add water. NAPALM RUN will magically dissolve instantly into a crystalline gel with perfect consistency. NAPALM RUN is NOT thick like other gels. NAPALM RUN is 100% all natural and will be available in three unique custom formulas, including an all new apple flavour. NAPALM RUN contains four different carbohydrates for MAXIMUM absorption, higher levels of four electrolytes than other gels and rapid energy with less mess and less cost than a handful of gels and bars. NAPALM RUN is far more economical than the high cost of gel packs. Each bag contains 6 x 100 calorie servings. That is equal to 6 gel packs!

Additional Information

Customisable No
Packaging Retail Size
Flavor Options Grape
Choose Your Carb Level No
Choose Your Caffeine Level No
Type Powdered Gels
By Sport: Triathlon, Road Cycling, Mountain Bike, Ultra Endurance, Running, Team Sports
By Need: Under 3 hour formula, Gluten free blends, Vegan formulas
By Gender: Female, Male

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