Vanilla :REPAIR

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Vanilla :REPAIR

Vanilla :REPAIR is formulated specifically to replenish muscle glycogen levels with 3 different proteins. INFINIT once again leads the way blending quick absorbing whey protein with slower absorbing all natural casein and soy protein for maximum recovery duration. Combined with four different carbohydrates, the amino acids Isoleucine, Valine, Leucine with L-Glutamine, :REPAIR is your "Go To' recovery blend.

100% all-natural vanilla flavours with no colours or artificial sweeteners.


Formulated for maximum replenishment of muscle glycogen levels, and a prolonged release of protein in order to maximize repair of damaged muscle tissue, and boost your immune system - all while tasting great!

INFINIT was the first endurance nutrition company to combine fast absorbing whey isolate along with slower absorbing all natural casein and soy proteins for maximum recovery duration. Blended with four different carbohydrates, the amino acids Isoleucine, Valine, Leucine and Glutamine, truly creating the BEST full recovery product available on the market today. 50% casein protein, 25% whey isolate and 25% soy isolate in combination with essential amino acids, this formula is the only post-workout drink to supply necessary nutrition in a time-released fashion to allow for full utilization of the post-workout anabolic window.

A blend of four different carbohydrate sources (maltodextrin, glucose, sucrose and crystalline fructose) enables your body to process up to 30% more efficiently than other commercially made products. Blended with only 100% all-natural ingredients with zero artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours.

The creamy vanilla flavour is perfect for blending in with fresh fruit and greens for delicious smoothies, but is also light enough to mix with just 600ml of water or chilled milk for an easy mix-anywhere recovery drink.

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Customisable No
Packaging Retail Size
Flavor Options No
Choose Your Carb Level No
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Type Recovery Formulas
By Sport: Triathlon, Road Cycling, Mountain Bike, Ultra Endurance, Running, Team Sports
By Need: Gluten free blends
By Gender: Female, Male

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