One drink...INFINIT possibilities.


INFINIT Nutrition works with hundreds of top coaches and teams to design individual customized programs to help their athletes perform better. Why offer your clients an off the shelf product when you can create an all-in-one nutrition solution that is made exclusively for them? You work hard to provide your clients the very best in training programs to help them peak at the right time to meet their race goals.

We all know it, unless nutrition is simple and repeatable most athletes will mess it up. Your clients can be in fantastic shape and ready to race, but unless their nutrition plan is simple it is destined to failure. All your great coaching will mean NOTHING if their nutrition goes wrong. With INFINIT's custom-blended nutrition solutions your athlete can free his/her mind of unnecessary distractions and just concentrate on performing. Just drink and go, it's that simple.

INFINIT will provide you with several different options that will help your athletes to perform better. Their success will enable you to retain them as long-term clients. Discounts that you can pass along to your client base that they will exclusively enjoy for just being your client. We can do product and swag for your training camps. We can even potentially provide you with financial rewards for allowing INFINIT to work with you to help your clients perform better.

Under certain conditions INFINIT can even create a web page made especially for your coaching service. Under this type of program we will work with the coach to develop a group of pre-set formulas that you believe in and can recommend for your clients. You then just refer your athletes to log on to your web page and select from one of the formulas that your recommend for their type of racing or specific need.

One drink...One community...INFINIT possibilities.