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Can I get a sample of my custom blend?

Q Can I get a sample of my custom blend before ordering?

A We offer as small as a 5 serving package to allow you to try out your Custom Hydration or Protein mix before commiting to a large package.

We also offer a special Custom Hydration introductory bundle called the 5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack, which will provide you with a 5 serving bag of your hydration blend (good for 5 hours of training). It also includes a free INFINIT water bottle, free standard shipping, and a $10 credit towards your following order. 

We also back everything we do with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. In other words, if within 30 days you find that your Custom blend is not everything you ever imagined (and more), we will work with you to re-formulate your blend and exchange it for free. 

We have been customizing nutrition for athletes for almost two decades, and our return rate continues to be less than 1%. We are highly confident that we can create the perfect mix just for you and your needs.