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Custom Fuel & Hydration Creator

INFINIT Nutrition Custom Hydration Formula
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Create your own personal performance hydration drink mix.

Hand made on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland with clean 100% natural ingredients.

Select your flavour, choose your amount of calories, protein, flavour, electrolytes, and more by adjusting the sliders below.

Create Your Blend

Select Your Flavour

Our blends are lightly flavoured with real natural ingredients and sweetened with only pure cane sugar.

Flavour Strength

Premium 100% natural ingredients actually taste GOOD, so go ahead dial back that flavour strength. We’ve got nothing to hide.



Select the number of calories (per serving) you're looking for.


Carbohydrate Blend

Adjust the ratio of simple to complex carbs in your formula.

Simple Carbs
Complex Carbs


Our electrolyte blend is a mixture of sea salt, potassium, magnesium & calcium.



Keep your hydration mix protein-free or add protein to help curb hunger.

10g per serving


Adjust the slider to add branched chain amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) to your formula.

3g per serving


Adjust the slider to add caffeine to your formula.

200 mg per serving

Select Your Packaging

Choose how you'd like it packaged — From easy on-the-go single serving packets to bulk bags.

Boost Your Blend

It's hard to improve on perfection, but we found a way. Select from these premium finishing touches for your custom blend.

Name Your Mix

You brought your formula into the world, now give it a name.

My Formula Summary

Here's a breakdown on your Custom Hydration mix. (Spoiler: It's looking pretty awesome!)

Name Enter a formula name
Flavor Select a flavor
Protein Select a protein
Package Size Select a package size
Boosts Add some boosts!
Osmolality ()
Sodium mg
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Colors/Dyes Free
Artificial Sweetner Free
Made in Australia

Supplement Facts & Nutrition Info

The nutrition label will display after you have made some selections above!

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Questions? We’re Here to Help

Work with a Registered Dietitian to design the perfect nutrition blend to match your fitness and performance goals. This complimentary service is for everyone, from weekend warriors to elite athletes. Connect with an expert
INFINIT Nutrition Consult a Specialist Dietitians & Formulation Specialists

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Game changer
17 Apr 2024
Game changer
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Absolutely love this product.
20 Mar 2024
Absolutely love this product. Custom made for my needs and makes the long trail runs feel amazing, even after 5 hours of running. Will not use any other products for my longer runs. Thank you infinit nutrition
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It is simply the bees knees of cycling formulas made by you for it.....highly recommend.
8 Mar 2024
After suffering stomach and cramping issues on ultra long rides I did some research and came upon this product which I have been using now for over 3 years, not only does my stomach respond extremely well with my fuel blend I also find I don't binge eat after long rides, cramping seems to be a thing of the past as well. This product is great for long weekend rides, ultra distance rides and I use it for multi Bikepacking days, its lightweight and fits in my riding top or frame bag easily, ready to be added to a bidon for a sip every 10mins I find works for me. I have recommend this product to friends who not only fuel on the rides but it helps those with extreme sweating issues.
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This is another awesome product ...
2 Feb 2024
This is another awesome product provided by and with help from the amazing team at Infinit Australia!
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Tailored to your needs.
1 Feb 2024
Tailored to your needs. The team will tweak the formula if you face any issues with the product as well. Convenience of not having to carry bars/gels. This can be an all in one formula if you choose. Works for me, I used it for triathlons previously, now use if for long rides.
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I still can't quite believe ...
24 Dec 2023
I still can't quite believe a product like this exists in Australia. The fact you can have a chat with a dietitian about your race goals, personal preferences and get a product tailored to you is simply amazing. I used this as fuel for my first ever 24hr Solo MTB Race which just so happened to be the WEMBO World Champs in Armidale and it landed me an age category 1st place after a gruelling 24hrs and 58mins on the bike, fueled mostly by this.
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