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What is the real cost of INFINIT compared to other products?

Q What is the real cost of INFINIT compared to other products?

Let’s break it down in a simple way for a 5 hour ride:

Method #1: “The old-school pocket full of stuff” 

– 5 bottles of a sports drink @ $1.99 = $9.95 - total of 700 calories, 1350mg sodium and 0g protein

– 3 gels @ $1.50 (some gels upwards of $3.50 each!) = $4.50 - total of 300 calories, 180 mg of sodium and 0g protein

– 1 bar @ $1.59 - total of 250 calories, 140 mg of sodium and 9g of protein


–  $16.04 / 5 hrs = $3.21 per hour

–  1,250 calories / 5 hrs = 250 calories per hour

–  1,670 mg of sodium / 5 hrs = 334 mg per hour

–  9g of protein / 5 hrs = 1.8 grams per hour


While this method can certainly work, it is very difficult to keep your gut consistent (and happy) throughout a long day. 

Many times athletes will do too much and find their gut will shut down. Other times they may not do enough and have that dreaded bonk. 

Then, there is that "trying to get down a bar in 90-degree heat, after 4+ hours in the saddle.” There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment of chewing on the same dry bite for 20 minutes... We’ve all been there. 

In any case, not only will you have to keep track of all of the various components of method #1, but YOU MUST CARRY WATER to wash all of it down. 

Remember, if you drink a sports drink on top of a bar or gel, you are going to end up with a thick sludge in your gut. This will NOT be processed quickly. Your body then has to go into digestive mode to dilute the sludge in order to get it to pass, thus pulling water and energy from places it shouldn't. 

Water needs to be used to keep your body cool and muscles working properly, while the energy should be used to make your body move. This digestive process will cause you to become dehydrated and decrease performance.


Method #2: 5 bottles of INFINIT Go Far @ $2.39 per bottle (per hour) = $11.95


–  $11.95 (25% LESS than gels, bars, sports drinks, salt pills, etc.)

–  1,400 calories / 5 hrs = 280 calories per hour (MORE calories)

–  1895 mg of sodium / 5 hrs = 379 mg sodium per hour (11% MORE sodium PLUSpotassium, calcium, and magnesium)

–  20g of protein / 5 hrs = 4 g per hour (122% MORE protein)


So, next time that you think INFINIT is more expensive, remember this:

–  INFINIT provides an all-in-one delivery system with the option to custom-blend for what YOU want

–  More calories in an isotonic form guarantees to give you zero GI problems

–  Enough electrolytes to throw away that pocket full of salt pills

–  Enough protein to keep you from getting hungry all day long

–  All of this and you actually save 25%