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Partnership Programs

Customised partnership programs tailored to help athletes perform & feel better.

Coach Sponsorship INFINIT Nutrition

Having INFINIT as a partner to support your members and clients allows each athlete access to a wealth of information and perks. As an INFINIT Partner, we will help dial in your athletes’ nutrition for peak performance.

INFINIT Nutrition can do what no other sports nutrition company can: customise. A partnership with INFINIT allows you to offer the most state-of-the-art and simple way for your athletes to nail their nutrition.

Other companies may offer discounts, but INFINIT is the only partner that gives you the opportunity to cater to all of your athletes with unique custom-blended nutrition solutions that fit their personal goals while tasting exactly how they want.

We will work with your athletes on specific goals and tailor formulas to body size, sweat rate, frequency of cramping, type of training, and more.

You work hard to provide the very best advice, guidance and training programs to help your athletes peak at the right time and achieve their goals. Don't let nutrition be the factor holding them back. Let INFINIT be the customisable nutrition tool in your toolbox.

"As the Head Coach of an established triathlon group, I know the importance of quality nutrition. I have been working with the guys from Infinit for a number of years now and love that my athletes have access to quality nutrition that will fuel a 150km bike ride, or an easy 30 minute run."

Coach Adam BeckworthTriathlon Level 2 (Performance) Coach, 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games Coach, Former Professional Triathlete, 2021 AUSTRALIAN Age Group Triathlon Coach Of The Year

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