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  1. Trial Pack
    Trial Pack

    Our Infinit Nutrition Australia Trial Pack contains one each of our popular single serve preset blends - :GO FAR - in both Lemon Lime and Raspberry flavours, :SPEED - in our OG Orange flavour and Watermelon flavour, Lemon Lime :JET FUEL, and :REPAIR in Chocolate and Vanilla.  Sample all the flavours - Lemon Lime, Orange, Raspberry, Watermelon, Vanilla and Chocolate!!

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  2. Tempo Run Starter Pack
    Tempo Run Starter Pack
    As low as $39.95

    The ultimate pack to kickstart your Tempo Run fuelling strategy.

    Includes 1 x 20 serve pack of Tempo Run, 1 x handheld soft flask and 1 x Fantastic Funnel - everything you need to properly prepare for your upcoming interval session, hill climbing adventure or Sunday long run.

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  3. COLD BREW Instant Protein Coffee
    COLD BREW Instant Protein Coffee
    COLD BREW Instant Protein Coffee 1 5 5 1
    As low as $74.95

    Bold cold brew coffee meets protein powder — Made with real coffee, blended with a hint of cream, and packed with 20 grams of premium whey isolate. This delicious mix is perfect for kickstarting your day, a post-workout boost, or a satisfying afternoon pick-me-up.

    • Ready-to-mix “proffee” coffee protein powder.
    • 20 grams of premium whey protein isolate per serving.
    • 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving from real coffee.
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  4. :RENEW All Natural Vegan Protein Blend
    :RENEW All Natural Vegan Protein Blend
    As low as $5.95

    :RENEW is Infinit's all natural Vegan Recovery Blend combining natural plant proteins to deliver 25g of protein per serve. Boosted with L-Leucine, :RENEW is available in our ever popular all natural Chocolate flavour. :RENEW tastes great blended with ice cold water or your favourite milk alternative. Perfect for that post workout recovery, mid afternoon snack or early morning protein boost.

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  5. :NOCTURNE Nighttime Recharge
    :NOCTURNE Nighttime Recharge
    As low as $5.95

    Your complete natural recovery mix formulated to soothe tired muscles and stimulate muscle repair and synthesis overnight. Boosted with BCAAs and Tryptophan to help lull you into a restful night of deep sleep after a day of heavy activity.

    • Soothes tired muscles while stimulating glycogen & protein synthesis.
    • Made with slow absorbing casein protein for maximum overnight recovery.
    • With added tryptophan to facilitate relaxation and restful sleep.
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  6. :TEMPO RUN Concentrated Fuel
    :TEMPO RUN Concentrated Fuel
    :TEMPO RUN Concentrated Fuel 1 5 5 1
    As low as $29.95

    TEMPO RUN is formulated to replace messy gels with four different carbohydrates for MAXIMUM absorption. This easy to use powder is fully soluble when added to your flask, and easily customisable to your needs. Not running super long? Don't need as much fuel? Simply fill your flask to suit your needs - no mess and no waste!!

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  7. MUD Double Mocha Meal Supplement
    MUD Double Mocha Meal Supplement
    As low as $64.95

    MUD is a delicious and satisfying double mocha meal supplement made with a blend of real coffee, whey protein isolate and omega-3 rich flaxseed. Perfect to mix up as an easy-to-digest breakfast, a pre-workout base or energizing snack.

    • Energizing mocha drink mix featuring complete protein and omega-3 healthy fats.
    • Mix with your favourite milk for a deliciously satisfying meal on-the-go.
    • 25mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving from real coffee.
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  8. :SPEED Complete Acceleration
    :SPEED Complete Acceleration
    As low as $5.95

    An all-natural isotonic sports drink mix designed to fuel and hydrate you through high-intensity efforts. Scientifically formulated with natural electrolytes and glucose for energy.

    • Naturally isotonic for rapid absorption.
    • Uses three different carbohydrates to allow the body to process calories up to 30% more efficiently.
    • Made with clean ingredients — Zero artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.
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  9. :REPAIR Muscle Re-Charge
    :REPAIR Muscle Re-Charge
    :REPAIR Muscle Re-Charge 3 5 5 1
    As low as $5.95

    REPAIR is a post-workout protein recovery drink mix formulated to rebuild and recharge muscles after endurance efforts. A naturally light and refreshing combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids combine to replenish muscle glycogen and support immune health.

    • Combines multiple carbs and three complete proteins to provide quick acting and sustained nutrition.
    • Formulated with BCAAs, Isoleucine, Valine, Leucine, plus Glutamine for fast acting recovery.
    • Clean natural ingredients — No artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or thickeners.
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  10. :GO FAR Complete Endurance
    :GO FAR Complete Endurance
    As low as $5.95

    A natural all-in-one isotonic drink mix specifically formulated to give you the nutrition you need to go strong all day long — Eliminating the need to carry gels, food, chews or salt pills.

    Fuel and hydration for workouts lasting 3 hours or more. Blended with carbs, electrolytes, and hunger fighting protein to keep you going strong hour after hour.

    • All-in-one endurance sports fuel for workouts over 3 hours — Just drink a bottle an hour.
    • Isotonic to ensure maximum absorption and easy digestion.
    • Contains heat stable protein to curb hunger & keep blood sugar steady.
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